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Strategy & Plan

planning than

Once we understand the company & your objective, then our team of strategic thinkers will formulate a marketing strategy and plan.

Design & Execution

execution is key
to triumph

Our creative designers will create content and marketing specialists will implement the plan in a timely way to achieve our objective

Analysing & Reporting


We analyze the performace for our campaigns and make a detailed report along with subsequent actionable steps.

about us

We believe everything is reachable

It all started with a business owner, who approached us for building their online presence to get more customers. when we solved his problem of getting new customers, We loved the process of helping and solving marketing problems.

Lantrn Marketing
We offer

Creative & Innovative Solutions


lead generation

We build visibility, credibility, trust, and interest by converting traffic to high-quality leads.


brand awarness

Helping you make people aware of your brand, so you can gain their trust and influence their decision.


Strategy and Consulting

We develop data-driven strategies to reinvent brands, and reconnect brands with their audiences.

Brand Communication

To help the public understand your business, we combine our skills in marketing, social media management, and advertising.


content creation

Choosing the format for your material is the first step in content planning. Visual representation of some concepts will make them stronger, and we do just that.


Web Design

From visualization to making it live, we take over the entire website design. We carefully consider and curate visually appealing websites. 


marketing automation

Explaining marketing automation  by automating the process of developing those leads into sales-ready leads, marketing automation aids in the identification of potential clients.


online sales

Numerous firms, both big and small, have increased internet sales as their main objective. Whether you work for a large ecommerce company like Amazon or a little mom-and-pop retailer, generating sales online is similar to bowling a strike in that it seems much simpler than it actually is.

We believe in turning clients into family

expert sector

We build unique digital experiences

Lantrn Marketing
Develop & Hosting

Lantrn Marketing has over ten years of expertise studying business issues and putting cost-efficient solutions into practise.

Product Promotion

It takes a lot of work to come up with a new product or service. We take over everything and promote it effectively. 

Visual Identity

We collect all the visual elements that serve to represent and differentiate an ad. 

Market Analysis

We do thorough analysis of the market within a specific industry. From elements such as volume to competition we do it all. 

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Your work is done with pride and enthusiasm. We admire you for that. Check out the reasons why you should like us below.

Forward Thinking With Innovative solutions

Connected Problem Solving

We’ll start by having a phone conversation to discuss your current issues and past attempts before working together to develop suggestions for how to expand your firm.

Pixel Perfection Execution

We’ll implement our entire strategy, paying special attention to timely, tactical implementation and creating prospects for scalable growth. You can use that time to work on other, more important aspects of your company.

Clean Hard Work

Every stage of the process is continuously monitored by our internet marketing team, which subsequently takes advantage of the data to help you win even more.

Lantrn Marketing
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Years Of Experience

A new-age digital marketing agency with the creative mindset

Streamlined marketing strategy. Lantrn Marketing is a full-service, one-stop shop that gives your company the professional marketing team, know-how, and resources it needs for unrestricted growth.

Perfect marketing Implemention

Online marketing initiatives that convert and are based on your business objectives.

solution for every problem

While establishing precise, long-term objectives for your business, we’ll get you as many quick wins as we can.

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Creative marketing solutions that get results.

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